Chopper Builders Magazine

It only took one trial issue of our magazine for me to figure out that you can't be an editor/publisher and do it in your spare time. We had a great idea and it was eventually emulated by a publication called 'Chopper Build' that lasted for about a year and a half. It was a great, very high quality magazine but just couldn't pull in the advertisers.

We might try again sometime in the future since we've got quite a number of articles that were submitted by our members. Here's a shot of the first cover. I know it doesn't look all that professional but we did everything 'in-house', including the printing in our typical DIY fashion. This was just a trial balloon to gauge whether or not there was any interest in such a publication and to find out if we could attract advertisers.



Well we found out that there was indeed a lot of interest from readers but little if no interest from advertisers who typically make and sell 'bolt-on' stuff. The whole concept of home-building and bolt-on just don't mix to well.

If we do decide to do this again I think that we'll go backwards in time and come out with a little rag done on the 'folded 8.5x11-inch format' like the original 'Choppers Magazine' published by Ed Roth.

This is a pretty fitting idea since Ed was the guy who got me into documenting build techniques and keeping a notebook in the first place. All we need is an old offset press and a bunch of ink and paper.



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