Dick Allen Springer Plans

The following Dick Allen Springer Plans represent a compliation of shop drawings, sketches and field measurements of Dicks' springer work from 1967 until 1977. Both the original ultra narrow version and the slightly wider version are shown and well as the round spring bridge drawings and the conventional rectangular bridge. The bulk of the details were provided in sketch form by Dick when he used to sell me parts in the sixties for forks I used to build in Las Vegas.

These plans are intended to be used for building your own fork sets and not for commercial fork production as ethically Dick's children and grand-children have the rights to his work and his designs even though some people claim they are building Dick Allen Springers. Legally forks built from these plans are called Dick Allen style Springers.

The plans include provisions for 3/4" diameter DOM tubing front legs or the original 5/8" solid 4130 legs' The drawings do not include details for the Phil Ross hexagon spring bridge. Our CBH version of this Springer we build does not use the round spring bridge as we feel that feature is a Dick Allen hallmark that only belongs on a set of his original forks or a set built by members of his extended family but the construction details are included.

The plan set consists of 15 sheets, drawn at full 1:1 scale on 24"x36" sheets in Adobe pdf format and can be plotted at almost any office supply store or printing shop. the following small thumbnails give you some idea of what is included but at the reduced scale are largely unreadable.


The drawing set sells for $40 delivered via digital download.






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