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Welcome To The Chopper Builders Handbook

The primary objective of the Chopper Builders handbook is to provide basic information that will enable everyone to successfully build their own Chopper from scratch.


Update Nov. 1, 2021

As some of you may know, besides building bikes and cars i have also operated a small sideline gunsmithing business for about the past 50 years. One of my favorite projects has been working on some small bricks as we used to call them back in the day. Officially known as the M10 and M11 series of firearms designed by Gordon Ingram.

We will be starting a new sister site called the MAC Builders Handbook in early December.

This may be a membership site so if you have any interest drop me a line and I will provide the particulars.


 Update July 26, 2021

We will be releasing plans for the upgraded CBH Mark IV tubing bender shortly. A great design based upon the older Mk. III version from 2014.

This is a very adaptable tool than be be mounted horizontally or vertically with or without hydraulic assist plus it's economical to build.  The plan set includes dxf files for CNC machining or water jet cutting. Plate kits will also be available.

Contact me if interested.

Update June 25, 2021

We updated parts of several articles and finally finished the Ness Springer build series with full scale plan options. It just took us five years to get around to it. The net moves at light speed but real life moves at a snails pace. Also added a new How-To about doing Good Mockups with an emphasis on fork mockups and how to measure for Springers during the early stages of a project. Also got a chance to bad mouth imported Springers again and again and again.

Google stats reported that 70% of our site visitors are now from our neighbors up north. Unfortunately the border between our two great nations is still closed due to the virus situation but the southern border is wide open as if germs recognize geopolitical boundaries.

Last week Chop Cult had a hard drive crash and the team over there is working round the clock to recover the lost data but the site is still truckin and fully operational. More power to em as it is a great resource for the community thanks in my opinion to Lisa Ballard who admin's the site

In a similar fashion we're still truckin along here. My helper Tom is about as reliable as your old Zundapp and we're working in an 8x10 shed since we still haven't built a real shop. That's okay since I started out in a plastic covered lean-to and what we have now is two steps up from that for sure.


Update May 19, 2020

We started adding a new series of articles to the site located in the 'Projects' section called the 'CBH Build Project'. I anticipate this to grow to around 200 pages by the time the bike is finished. We'll cover a lot of ground in this area that hasn't been seen before and we'll update the pages as the work progresses and becomes more complex.


Update March 31, 2020

We decided at the first of March to use Google Analytics on the new version of the site in order to find out if what we publish was actually being used by people. I had no idea how much information Google can pull together on the visitors to a site. In some ways it's scary what those Google folks know about all of us.

The one thing that really pleased me however was learning that we are drawing close to parity with respect to female and male visitors. As of today 45.85% of our visitors are females compared to 54.15% males. We knew from statistics gathered by a third party way back in 2007 that we had around 25% female viewership but seeing this growth is great and kind of follows in line with the growth we've seen in the number of female builders entering bikes at various events.

Also for the first time, over 50% of our viewers are how from the states. In 2007 the bulk of our visitors were from Canada, the UK and Sweden.

Google can tell us how many visitors we have from any particular city all over the word. Right now we have 5 from China. Four live in Zhengzhou and one fellow lives in Suzhou. I'd be interested to see what they're building.

We have a lot of followers who are older than I am, if that's at all possible but the bulk of folks who use the site are between 25 and 35 years old.

50% of visitors come here from a mobile device which must be horrible because we don't have a mobile friendly site. We're trying to set one up as we speak.

Lastly we see that the bulk of new visitors to the site find us via Facebook or Instagram which I still don't use very much myself but probably should.

I might call upon Lisa Ballard for some help once the virus is gone.

Anyway, I feel like we're doing a fairly good job but feedback from visitors will really help a lot with respect to what articles we'll be doing this summer.


Update March 10, 2020

Working on the new homestead up in Virginia City Nevada. Doing more carpentry, plumbing and electrical work than frame fabrication but the end is in sight.

Some good projects coming this year so stay tuned.


Update April 27, 2017

On the Road Again

I've got Canned Heat playing in the background right now. It's good mood music for the upcoming move back to my old stomping grounds in Nevada. With the passing of my Mom there really isn't much keeping me here in Texas. I love this state. It's one of the last strongholds for independent thinking people but its time to move on to another place.

Unfortunately my old home base in Las Vegas has been taken over by the liberal robots so this time I'm heading up north hoping to find a stronghold of free thinking folks where I can put down some new roots.

Update August 5, 2016

We moved into the new shop up in Nevada Texas on April 5th and figured that we'd be up and running in less than a month but here we are four months down the road and only about 50% ready to get working again.


Update June 1, 2015

Sportster Projects are finally underway after many years. We've got two bikes in the works. One is a stock 82 that's going to get the 'mild' treatment and one's is based upon a fairly radical Paughco frame as seen below.


Update Dec. 11, 2014

We'll be updating and revising almost every page of the site over the course of the next few weeks so expect some minor glitches every now and then.


Update Dec. 10 , 2014

Duane Lansing, of Hydro-Fabrication and myself have decided to form a new joint-venture and start doing some collaborative custom bike work and parts fabrication under the umbrella of the 'Wylie Chopper Parts' company.


Update Dec. 8, 2014

Various Springer projects are underway and we've hit the swap meets and shows with some new products.

That's Duane's Panhead with one of our wide CBH springers under construction. Brake components haven't been installed yet as we're waiting on parts which is typical.

The Knuck above belongs to Kirk Sharp from 'Just Kickers' and it's being fitted with one of our California Ultra Narrow Wishbone fork sets.

Update Nov. 4, 2014

One of our old friends and supporters just dropped us a line to let us know that they have a YouTube channel for those folks who just can't get enough Chopper action. I checked it out and I like it. Big Al and I have been friends for about 10 years but we've never actually met each other in person. After watching some of the vids I think this is a good thing because two of us together could be a dangerous thing.

If you're a garage/home/independent builder check out the BEOSC site as they provide just about everything imaginable for people like us. Click the banner for the YouTube Channel and have fun.


Update Oct. 20, 2014

Darcy Allen and I drove down to Austin to talk with Jesse James about an upcoming project but unfortunately Jesse was to busy to see us. It just so happened however that we did get a chance to talk with Mike (Fass Mikey) Vils and had a chance to reminisce about Dick Allen.

Mike proposed that we put together an 'old school' type Biker Build-Off that he's calling "The Real Deal" and it'll involve a lot more than just bolting on store bought parts to a store bought frame.

We decided that the 'official' name of the event will be "The Real Deal, Dick Allen Memorial Biker Buildoff"

We'll be posting more details as things progress but we've already got TV and sponsors calling so it looks like this just might come together. Click HERE to see the tentative 'rules' for the Build-Off. Email me immediately if you want to get a bike project enrolled in this event. Time is of the essence. Builders may get sponsor compensation but no guarantees at this early point in time.

Update May 17, 2014

We finally managed to get around to starting on the Harman Spirder build project that's been on the back burner for about four years now. The link is on the left column.

Due to popular demand we've decided to start building Springers again. We'll do our original 'Old School' style and the 'modernized' version plus some repops of the old original Ness style forks from the sixties. I'll post progress as it develops. We'll be doing kits as well as just selling individual parts for other builders.

Also looks like we'll get around to the Sporty hardtail article this summer.


Update June 10, 2012

We've moved the whole CBH operations to the state of Texas, in the rural area northeast of Dallas.

This snapshot is one of our neighbors taken from the back door of the shop.

We've rented a very small shop area but will be doing full-service custom work again and have signed on as a dealer for Paughco products. We decided to go with Paughco since we've been using their parts for over 30 years and most of their inventory is still made in the USA which is remarkable in today's economy. If you're in the market for anything in the catalog drop us a line as we will make you some great deals. 


Update Nov. 20, 2011

As many people are aware the old original Chopper Builders Handbook site suffered what we initially thought was a catastrophic hardware and software failure in early 2011. This 'crash' destroyed not only the primary data on the main server and raid disks but also all of the data on our backup server. We took the drives to a service shop in an attempt to recover the files and found that the 'crash' was most likely a deliberate hack of the site that somehow went very badly. The only data that was actually destroyed beyond repair were the image files. A good portion of the html text files were still readable but moved into some strange directories apparently in some attempt to download the entire site to a remote server. Unfortunately a lot of the most recent files that we added to the site were simply to scrambled to bother recovering. 

As a result of this situation we're presently in the process of rebuilding the site from the ground up but that will take a considerable effort and most likely be a long and drawn out process. We ask all of our visitors to be patient with us as we start down this road. In addition I'd like to thank all of the visitors who have supported this site through thick and thin over the past eight years and especially thank those of you have taken the time to help us in this rebuilding process. I think that in the long run we have a much better and more helpful site than the original version.

We're trying our best to get the site back up and running again so please be patient during this transition











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