The CBH 'Notch-O-Matic' Tubing Notcher

If you're fed up with the limitations imposed by most manual type tube notchers the 'Notch-O-Matic' may be the thing that you've been dreaming about. In my personal opinion it is the most versatile notcher ever invented and almost the cheapest to build. A friend of mine who saw one the units years ago told me that it should have been marketed by Ron Popeil of 'Veg-O-Matic' fame so we thought that we'd do a word-play off of his infamous device that was claimed to do almost everything but make coffee.

Unlike cheap notchers that only rotate in a single plane and unlike expensive notchers that can operate in two planes of rotation the Notch-O-Matic rotates in all three planes, X, Y and Z quickly and easily. 

The great thing about this notcher is that you can make one from scraps most people just have laying around the shop. To save time I usually cannibalize the shaft and shaft bushing housing from the Cheap harbor Freight units when they go on sale and then build the frames from scraps. There is virtually no limit to how you can customize one of these units.

The notcher works on round tubing as well as square and rectangular material. It can be bench mounted or actually clamped to the material being cut. It's really a great tool for a shop that does both car and bike work where you're working with various steel shapes and sizes on a daily basis.

The files are in Adobe pdf format which can be downloaded by simply right-clicking on the images and saving the file to your computers hard drive. The links to the five individual fabrication drawing files are included within the main document file. The instruction manual contains 26 pages of text with 28 very large and detailed photographs of the construction and operation.

The device looks far more complicated than it really is but you probably won't appreciate this fact until you build one, try it out and get used to working with it.

The links contained within the instruction booklet are obsolete.

Use the following links for the instructions and plans:









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